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Hummel – Manousakis was founded in 1980. The company’s mission is to design and create of specialized solutions in the field of kitchen furniture, as well as the provision of qualitative services.

With 38 years of presence in the Greek market, hummel-Manousakis has the proper experience and the "know-how" to propose to you complete solutions that correspondes to your personal requirements in kitchen designing.

Permanent objective of the company is to satisfy customers’ needs by providing modern, aesthetic and advanced technology products and services. For this purpose, hummel-Manousakis invests in new and qualitative products in the field of kitchen furniture, as well as in the continuous training of all company’s personel.

By offering complete and customer orientated solutions, hummel - Manousakis helps its customers to enjoy beautiful, functional and durable kitchens and to remain absolutely satisfied from their trust to our company.